Outline of how to use SR facilities

Outline of how to use SR facilities



Future users of technical R&D in nanotechnology are welcome. Technical consultations with scientists or technicians of JAEA or QST are available at any time, free of charge.

Non-proprietary research proposals and others

Non-proprietary research proposals can be assisted as research proposals of the Advanced Characterization Nanotechnology Platform. The users must answer a questionnaire after completion of his/her experiment. Proprietary research proposals and non-R&D proposals can be accepted as internal projects of JAEA or QST.

Calls for research proposals

Calls for proposals are held in May for experiments in the second half of the fiscal year, and in November for the first half of the following fiscal year. Only one experimental apparatus can be used under a single research proposal. If multiple apparatuses are necessary, please make an individual research proposal for each apparatus. Please confer with the person in charge of each experimental apparatus before submitting a proposal form to the relevant secretariat. Urgent research proposals are welcome at any time. Projects supported by competitively-awarded external funding sources will be given priority when allocating beamtime. Non-proprietary proposals are reviewed by the JAEA and QST joint proposal review committee.