Overview of the JAEA and QST Advanced Characterization Nanotechnology Platforms

Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA) and the National Institutes for Quantum and Radiological Science and Technology (QST), established in April 2016, have two contract beamlines each at SPring-8, and are developing advanced technologies for synchrotron use. JAEA and QST are entrusted with the MEXT Nanotechnology Platform Program, and participate in the Advanced Characterization Nanotechnology Platform Project. JAEA and QST jointly promote the use of apparatuses for structure and electronic states analyses by researchers of universities, companies, and public research organizations. Comprehensive analyses of crystal structures, their local structures, electronic states, and chemical reactions by using scattering, diffraction and absorption of synchrotron radiation are supported.

Calls for applications


Application of 2019A Research Proposals has been closed. Urgent research proposals are welcome at any time. Consultations are also available at any time, free of charge. Application Forms for 2019B Research Proposals will be accepting in May, 2019.

Proposals application


If you have a plan to use an SR experimental apparatus attributed to JAEA or QST, please confirm an attributable organization (JAEA or QST) for the apparatus, and submit the JAEA application form or QST application form to JAEA or QST, respectively, with no attention to beamline attribution. Details are shown in Procedures for JAEA users and Procedures for QST users.



Application for trial use of advanced characterization nanotechnology platform is newly open in FY2018. "(B) Local support" type is acceptable in the JAEA and QST advanced characterization nanotechnology platforms. Please feel free to contact the JAEA or the QST office.


Submission of letter of agreement regarding research conduct
JAEA and QST need the letter of agreement of all users in The JAEA and QST Advanced Characterization Nanotechnology Platforms.

Letter of agreement of JAEA (in Japanese)
Letter of agreement of QST (in Japanese)

Measures for the prevention of research misconduct in JAEA and QST are as follows (in Japanese). Project leaders are requested to ensure that all project members understand the rules and regulations found at the website below, collect the completed forms, and submit them to JAEA or QST after adoption of the proposal with Application Forms for Adopted Project.

Measures for the prevention of research misconduct in JAEA (in Japanese)
Measures for the prevention of research misconduct in QST (in Japanese)



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